# Teams

Teams are ideal for agencies or larger companies managing multiple websites or sub domains.

Teams allow you to segregate multiple agents and websites so that they're isolated from each other.

When an agent is added to a team, they only have access to the websites included in that team. This applies to all aspects of Feederloop (ie: calls, session replays, messages etc).


Agents and websites can be added to multiple teams.

# How do teams work in Feederloop?

By way of a hypothetical example let's say you've installed the Feederloop widget on the following websites:

  • www.foo.com
  • www.bar.com

Let's also say that you have 3 agents, namely:

  • John
  • Tammy
  • Bob

First, let's create Foo Team and add www.foo.com as well as John to the team. Now, when John logs in to Feederloop he will only see activity related to www.foo.com.

Next, let's create Bar Team and add www.bar.com as well as Tammy to the team. Now, when Tammy logs in to Feederloop she will only see activity related to www.bar.com.

Lastly, we haven't added Bob to any teams. Therefore when Bob logs in to Feederloop, he will see all activity related to all websites.


Agents and teams can also be isolated based on sub-domains, eg: support.example.com and app.example.com