# LiveAgent

https://www.liveagent.com/ (opens new window)

The LiveAgent integration allows you to join a customer's session directly from a live chat.

While chatting with a customer, a link to join the customer's session in Feederloop will be displayed in the side panel.

Once you've joined the customer's session, you'll have access to all of Feederloop's features such as screen sharing, co-browsing and video chat without the customer ever leaving your website.


An active LiveAgent and Feederloop account is required.

Please ensure the Feederloop widget is installed correctly on your website as per the instructions found here.

# Integration Steps

Please follow the below steps to activate the integration.

  1. Login to Feederloop here: https://app.feederloop.com (opens new window)
  2. Navigate to Admin > Integration
  3. On the LiveAgent card, slide the toggle to the right.
  4. Login to your LiveAgent account
  5. Navigate to Configuration > System > Ticket fields.
  6. Create a new field as per the below screen shot with the following fields:
  • Code: join_in_feederloop
  • Name: Join in Feederloop
  • Type: Textbox
  • Validator: Web address / URL
  • Visibility: Show if used

LiveAgent installation

# Usage

During a live chat, LiveAgent displays a panel along the right hand side containing information about who you're chatting to. There will be a field labelled Join in Feederloop containing a link to join the customer's session.

LiveAgent integration screenshot